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Queen Mob’s Tea House

Short Fiction:

Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable
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Wow, all-women! Including gorgeous art for each story. Super sweet. My story “X-Ray Specs” is in great company in this horror and dark literary anthology.

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States of Terror Vol. 3
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Each story in the SOT series deals with a mythological creature associated with a US state. My story, “Scape Ore Swamp,” is based off of a South Carolina monster legend and the true story of the people behind its first sighting.

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The Great Divide, Issue #5
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“Horrifying prose for the apocalypse.” I wrote a short story as digital content accompaniment for this awesome sci-fi graphic comic series praised by Fangoria! It was so cool to partner up with Ben Fisher and Adam Markiewicz on this part of their truly epic project. My story is called “Beste Freunde Für Immer.”



More Monologues For Women, By Women
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My very first publication, and it was in a professional anthology. I’m still very proud to be in this book with my monologue, “Lily.”

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